47th Clan
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P ✞ П K Y
3rd Apr

47th# Mehzaa
9th Jan

47th# Jordan
18th Dec 2018

Reg# thunder
13th Oct 2018

47th# Xevozz
8th Oct 2018
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Chat Box

We will not and do not accept any cheat/game bans at all of any kind, if caught then you will be removed from the clan and anything associated with the 47th.

- History checks will take place on all new players and checks on all players will be on going.

- All new recruits that join the 47th clan will be put into a team by admins who will decide which team needs new players the most and if they will fit into that team

- All players wearing 47th tags should be respectful to other clans in matches and public servers even when the other team is being abusive. We shall remain respectful and not type anything back.

- Members will be respectful towards each other at all times, if you do have issues with another member this should be brought to the attention of the admins. You will listen and act on advice given to diffuse the situation.
- The clan will recruit members from the age of 16+ unless they are deemed to be mature enough.

- Poor conduct and threats will be not tolerated in any fashion.

- When playing public games, all members should remain in the lobby for the game they are playing.

- Admins vote will be final. All members should respect our decision.

- Guests will be allowed to come on our TS, but will be removed if any abuse of any members happens.
- All members should try and turn up for any training sessions that are put on by team admins where possible.- Team admins will have the final say on team selections for matches.- All members should as much as they can keep a close eye on the website for updates/matches etc.- Under no circumstances can any clan member use another members account to play matches.