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47th# SunRa
5 days ago

47th# preacher
31st Jul

47th# LoneGun
21st Jul
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47th# S@int 23rd Sep
Omg people on the website..... ;-)
47th Sky 22nd Sep
47th# SunRa 21st Sep
Cool, will drop by at some point. Can you pm me the password for the ts server?
47th Sky 21st Sep
It sure is! Weclome to join us on TS at any point. Still a few of the old members about.
47th# SunRa 20th Sep
Hi. I used to be a member back in the old CoD4 days. Just wanted to check whether 47th was still around
47th Sky 20th Sep
47th# SunRa 19th Sep
Yo yo. You guys remember me?
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