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Welcome to the 47th Infantry Regiment!

We are a Multinational Gaming Clan with members from all over the world, mainly Europe. We have been on the scene since Medal of Honor Allied Assault - this year we celebrate our 15th year since being founded in 2003.
We are always looking for new members and always looking to expand to new games.
Moh:aa set the clans footprint into success having won many leagues and competitions in TDM, S&D new games came to the horizon moving to Call of Duty 4 we had many successful competitive league wins. 

Since Cod4 the server/admin side of public servers and matches seem to die of death due to Activision and Treyarch not supporting dedicated servers, purely out of greed of the industry. Many clans have folded since there hasn't been a call of duty type of game that has supported dedicated servers. Peer-to-Peer hosting for matches just hasn't been viable for the PC community which has seen many players leave and move on to other game genre.

We are Currently playing Player Unknowns Battlegrounds which has been very gripping and has seen us through for a while now, this game has a lot of potential! 

Other games members are player are Call of Duty BlackOps 4, we play the odd matches here and there if you would like a match hit us up! 

Dayz Standalone - We have a few members that are playing this and are awaiting the long awaited 0.63 patch.

Warframe - a co-op 3rd person shooter - We have a few members playing this also and are always looking to expand their group.

We have a few streamers within our clan which are always looking for new viewers check them out in our steaming page!

We are a close group of friends from all over the world and are always welcoming new people to the group, currently we hold annual clan meets, where them that can, meet up for drinks, activities and a good laugh! check out our galleries for some of the previous years meets!

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